Wenzhi Zhang’s Back to Renaissance

A crowd of Chinese dignitaries, art critics and art lovers recently gathered at the Asian Cultural Center to witness Wenzhi Zhang’s “Back to Renaissance,” an exhibition of the internationally acclaimed artist’s vibrant neo-classical lacquer paintings.

Her unique style foregrounds the inflexible, rigid property of lacquer by applying layer upon layer of the material, fusing colors and metal foils to create striking patterns. Zhang’s distinctive art is widely represented in public and private collections across Asia and Europe, and she has also lectured at numerous institutions and universities around the world.

It’s no wonder her work is acclaimed by high-profile art collectors such as Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Faustino Quintanilla, the executive curator of the QCC Art Gallery of New York. The crowd was very impressed with Zhang’s work – one guest said, “I can’t believe what I just saw. Her work is magnificent, and I want to bring all of my friends here to see it for themselves!”

For more information about Wenzhi Zhang and to view an online portfolio of her paintings, visit www.wenzhizhangny.com.