Top Five Real Estate Apps for New Yorkers on the Go

Top 5 Real Estate Apps for New Yorkers on the Go House Hunter helps users research houses they like and scores them based on neighborhood, exterior, interior, kitchen and miscellaneous features. Admission is $3.99, but they do have free Lite version, which offers a less complete searching capability. Available with Apple products.

Zillow is an app that helps future home buyers find houses. It lets users create their own map boundaries, within which the application finds homes that fit specified criteria. It also provides detailed price history and estimated monthly mortgage. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry users.

Truila is a user friendly application similar to Zillow. This nifty app helps future buyers and renters find homes. You can use GPS locators to peek into neighborhoods using their interactive map and find information about open houses. Available for Apple and Android users.

Pad Mapper is primarily for renters, and has a Craiglistesque quality, but with a more enjoyable interface. It allows users to choose the neighborhood boundaries, number of rooms, spaces that are animal friendly, and even includes room shares and sublets. This application is great for those looking for short term living solutions and can be used with an iPhone or Android.

Block Avenue is a new local startup that is currently in its beta version, but is sure to be the coolest application around! Block Ave’s Blog mantra is “Street Life Gossip on Our City Blogs,” and plans to be a site where users can review their own neighborhoods and streets. Word of mouth is the greatest tool when researching a new neighborhood and this app will put all of that information at our fingertips.