Top 10 #RealEstate Tweets

top 10 real estate tweets

1. @JonAPrior: Homebuilder confidence highest level since March 2007, still a ways to go before "good" outlook

2. @amyhoak: The top 10 threats facing real estate

3. @thecajunboy A home design/real estate time capsule -- an apartment in Paris is unsealed after 70 years.

4. @thelipmangroup: Good news for real estate nationwide!...

5. @builderonline: Pinterest for New-Home Sales? Here's Why:

6. @RE_Rookie: Mark Zuckerberg Has A Lower Mortgage Rate Than You

7. @rkammerer: super interesting article on home equity lines from @nytimes:

8. @nsarnoff: Houston home prices hit record high

9. @Jules_Clarke: Social housing as real estate investment anyone?

10. @StephenDP: NY State Legislature Approves Property Tax Exemptions for Green Building  @leeddaily #legislation‬