Sandy's Wrath

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City, and the eastern seashore on Monday night. Parts of our city had major flooding and many are still without electricity. This has been the worst storm in any of our lifetimes, and our hearts go out to all our friends, family, clients, and other followers who have been affected by the storm. We wish you the best in rebuilding your homes, and hope you regain power soon. The subway has been shut down since Sunday evening, leaving those of us without cars relying on cabs, and the free (but very delayed) buses. We can't help but recognize how reliant we are on power, internet, the subway, and our local coffee place! Our friends, family and clients who are below 46th street tell us that the city that never sleeps has been completely dark the past two nights.. a degree of eery only seen in zombie apocalypse movies, and just in time for Halloween! We do hope you are all safe!
As for us? Some of us who live close to the office were able to come in, and others had to work remotely due to the degree of traffic on the NYC's streets. Some of our clients are without power, but are hopeful that it will return soon, and others feel lucky to have power, internet, cable, and no water damage.