Sandi Slone Unveils Exclusive Exhibition at 400 Fifth Ave

We are thrilled to offer a sneak peek of the new art exhibition in the Fendi Casa penthouse at 400 Fifth Avenue! World-renowned artist Sandi Slone has curated a stunning collection of her original paintings that you just have to see.

Her art infuses the space with wonderful color, texture and emotion. From the soothing soft tones of her "French Lesson" to the playful and introspectiveness of "Secret Lives," we could spend hours pondering each and every piece.

Slone’s distinct aesthetic is recognizable, but we hear her technique is equally so: she sometimes uses large push brooms and her own body as a brush to spread the paint.

According to Artforum Magazine, "Slone’s vision of the world is as fleshy and interiorized as it is atmospheric, drawing the viewer’s attention to the fragile relationship between the body and its surroundings. In this respect, her work is as political today as it was in the 1970s."

It’s no wonder Slone’s work is displayed in private collections and museums across the world – including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, among many others. In fact, to date, she has had 40 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions across the globe.

Check out her website here to explore more of her art!