Friday Morning at the Green Market

It was a beautiful fall morning at the Union Square Green Market. Pumpkins, corn and apples were overflowing the stands, alongside an array of specialty items: homemade cheese, local honey, soaps and pretzels. Andrew, from Andrew’s Honey, posed for the below picture (and even let us taste some whipped honey!). Andrew is well known within the foodie community as somewhat of a beekeeping rock star. He has hives on many rooftops throughout the city – one was even visible from his stand! Additionally, Andrew is the founder of two non-profits, Bees Without Borders and the New York City Beekeepers Association.

Next, we spoke to the guys from Martins Pretzels, who have been making ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ or ‘Beer Pretzels’ for over 80 years (and started showing up at the NYC Green markets in 1982!). After just one taste, these homemade, hard pretzels can veer anyone away from their mass-produced counterparts. To complement the honey and pretzels, we thought it was time for something green. Conveniently, there was some beautiful lacinato kale beckoning us  with visions of a fresh, sautéed dinner.  All in all, it was a fantastic New York morning!