Feng Shui and Real Estate: Do they go Together Like Yin and Yang?

If you place a purple potted plant in the back left corner of your home, will the money start pouring in? Will a yellow table, staged front and center, bring you improved physical, mental, and emotional health? According to the principles of Feng Shui, the answer to both of these questions is yes, and with proper placement, everything from your love life to your bank account can be vastly improved by following its guidelines.

So is there a place for Feng Shui in the world of modern real estate? Did the Yangshao people—over 6,000 years ago—know something we don’t?

Feng Shui 101

Literally translating to “wind-water,” since ancient times Feng Shui has been used to orient and plan residential structures, incorporating natural elements, energy, and a whole lot of complex metaphysical forces to basically create a badass home and a kickass life. We imagine the ancient Feng Shui Masters were like today’s HGTV stars—they were the Property Brothers of the Henan Province.

Feng Shui + Real Estate = Success?

If the principles of this life/design practice are still in existence today, thousands of years later, it stands to reason that it’s pretty legit—right? And if something as simple putting a fountain near your front door (this brings extra cash flow) and covering your drains (so that cash doesn’t drain away) will help improve your life, it makes sense that incorporating Feng Shui into real estate planning, building, designing, and selling will promise success on a grand level. It certainly can’t hurt.

Hogwash, you say? Consider this: Chinese buyers are the largest group of foreign investors in New York real estate, and Feng Sui is making a major comeback in modern Chinese life. While it never went away, today’s Chinese architects, business owners, and even government officials are increasingly using it for harmony and success. So it seems, whether you‘re a true believer or a true skeptic, it’s not a bad idea to consider finagling a little Feng into real estate development.

Harmony, Chinese Happenings, and HSPR

So...when tasked with bringing investors to 252 East Fifty Seven, a new condominium development on Manhattan’s “Billionaire’s Row,” Hundred Stories decided to host a Feng Shui party.

We partnered with our good friend Chiu-Ti Jansen—founder of China Happenings, TV personality, writer, fashion expert, Yale grad, and Chinese-style-guru-extraordinaire—who brought in Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai to examine the role of Feng Shui in the modern real estate market.

Coinciding with the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Feng Shui soiree drew in over 100 real estate investors and their advisors, who learned about the ancient practice’s impact on development, buying, selling, and overall value—all while enjoying tasty bites from Betony and marveling at the incredible beauty of 252 East Fifty Seven, whose 65 stories most definitely have great chi (that’s energy to you and me).

We can’t say for certain whether or not a desk placed cater-corner facing a door will boost your career, but we did learn that if you build it (a fabulous Feng Shui party), they (hundreds of investors) will come.