A World of Food (and Fun) at TF Cornerstone’s Topping Out Celebration

TF Cornerstone Inc. marked a significant development milestone this week with the topping out of 4545 Center Boulevard – the fifth of sixth high-rises at its East Coast – and a community-wide celebration enjoyed by neighbors, friends and its loyal crew. The festivities began with a luncheon and ceremony at noon at the base of the rising 41-story building and continued with a neighborhood block party, complete with balloon animals, face-painted children and plenty of adult-friendly activities, too. Center Boulevard was teeming with activity – it was a bright, happy scene set with sunshine, idyllic Manhattan views (the kind only a Long Island City perspective can afford), and a delicious spread catered by A World of Food. Had it not been for the 550 hard-hatted crew members that happily devoured 1,200 pounds of meatballs, penne and savory rice, the fanfare and culinary landscape could have outshined all of East Coast.

Thankfully, A World of Food’s Jimmy Desimone knew just what it would take to delight the crowd.

“It’s easy to determine how much these hard-working construction guys are going to want to eat. Just think of what you serve a [typical] person, and double it,” he quipped.