A Rooftop Jazz Concert at Sunset

Although New Orleans might be the traditional birthplace of jazz, New York City has certainly played its part in popularizing the genre over the last 100 years. In fact, it’s said that the piano became a mainstay of jazz only after it was incorporated into shows right here in New York. And of course the Harlem Renaissance was instrumental in bringing the music to a wider audience, not just from around Manhattan but from all around the world. People of all stripes would travel from far and wide to visit the Harlem clubs, which stayed open late into the night and were brimming with everything from ragtime to be-bop. A century later, and still nothing quite compares to live jazz! So join us tonight at 6pm on the rooftop of One Museum Mile (1280 Fifth Avenue) to hear the internationally renowned Harlem Blues & Jazz Band. And bring your dancing shoes!