Next Up at 92Y: Interior Design Panel with Michael Boodro

By now if you know us—or if you’ve been indulging us with these blog posts—you know we love and support 92Y.  And you’ve probably heard about our series of exclusive real estate and architectural “Talks.”

Our last 92Y event was sold out, bringing the biggest names impacting New York City residential development center stage, discussing the trends and challenges impacting the New York real estate market.  The panel, “Behind the Bricks: A Sneak Peek at Residential Development in NY,” featured Jeff Blau of Related Companies, Abby Hamlin of Hamlin Ventures, Jared Kushner of Kushner Companies and Steven Witkoff of Witkoff Group. David Kaufman, New York Post travel and real estate editor, moderated the Talk, and the guests were enthralled.

Topics ran the gamut from Billionaires’ Row, which Blau said is “more of a gamble than an investment” since this corridor is too dependent on interest from foreign investors who are easily deterred by turmoil in global market, to the highly-anticipated Hudson Yards, which Blau revealed will feature a $200 million sculpture in the public plaza that will “blow everyone away.” 

Hamlin covered the topic of women in real estate, or more precisely the lack thereof in the development world, while Witkoff, while discussing the 421a tax abatement program, said “It took a lot of chutzpah” for Gary Barnett to use the program in his One57 project. As for Kushner, he answered questions regarding market correction and went on to praise Mayor Bloomberg for helping to diversify the economy and predicted that this “amazingly resilient city” will continue to see growth. The full video can be viewed here:


Up next, on Monday, June 13, we will present “Transforming Spaces: Inside the World of Interior Design.” Some of New York’s most notable interior designers—including Jeffrey Beers, Founder and CEO at Jeffrey Beers International, Clodagh, Founder of Clodagh Design, Amy Lau, founder of Amy Lau Design, and Russell Groves, Principal At Groves & Co.—will discuss the leading trends and issues in the world of interior design with moderator Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Décor magazine.

Be sure to get your tickets before this one sells out! Tickets can be bought here:

Sometimes The Book’s The Thing (or The Movie)….

We at Hundred Stories aren’t just about bricks, glass, and steel all day long (okay, maybe we are from 8-6). But—believe it or not—we have lives, too! We love books, films, and of course, a good party—and if that wheelhouse of interest also means we can get the right crowds into our clients’ buildings, then we’ve really hit the trifecta. 

Three recent events did just that. Please indulge us as we tell you about them.

We joined forces with Modern Luxury Manhattan magazine to celebrate the release of Al Roker and Deborah Roberts’ new book, Been There, Done That. The location? Luxury condo 252 East 57th Street—specifically their stunning Sales Gallery, decorated by the inimitable Daniel Romualdez—which served as the ideal backdrop for the star-studded fete. Some other bold-faced names included Editor-in-Chief Cristina Cuomo and socialite extraordinaire Debbie Bancroft. Guests marveled over the panoramic city views, stunning chef’s kitchen, and custom designer details throughout. Who can blame them?


A bit farther uptown—at precisely the same time—some of our team was orchestrating a completely different kind of event, which was no less entertaining.  Taking place at Hanley New York, the Upper East Side’s hottest new property located in Bloomie’s and Barney’s country—our favorite kind of country—the Diva Moms Book Club gathered to celebrate the launch of New York Times-bestselling Sh*tty Mom For All Seasons.

A few hundred moms commiserated and laughed as authors Alicia Ybarbo (Producer at NBC’s Today Show), Mary Ann Zoellner (Producer at NBC’s Today Show) and Erin Clune gave hilarious parenting advice on how to get through the year “the sh*tty mom way.”  There was nothing funny, however, about the building and its gorgeous apartments that had the ladies ooh-ing and ahh-ing. The high-end condo finishes and Jay Wright fitness center put this rental property miles above the competition. 

A few days later we were in more of a cinematic mode—no, not the eating popcorn and raisinets variety, but in our LBDs and Louboutins—celebrating the new acclaimed film Between Us, a love story by director Rafael Palacio Illingworth.  Celebrities, film studio executives, and New York’s VIPs gathered in the stunning Nicole Fuller modeled unit at 17 East 12th Street, a collection of grand pre-war style residences in the heart of Greenwich Village. Prior to a screening and Q&A, the eclectic group of guests enjoyed delectable treats from Tocqueville, the Michelin-rated gem just a few blocks away, and wandered the grand pre-war style residence (on the market for $9,985,000) with champagne in one hand and the floor plan in the other (the apartment is so spacious, a map is required!).

What’s next? We are back to the grindstone here but looking forward to summer—specifically to hosting the Hampton Magazine Summer Kickoff Party. We’ll be in full beach-season mode, offering customized workouts from Bravo’s Work Out New York trainers, Jay Centeno and Layla Luciano at 75 Wall Street Plaza. After all, as the temperatures rise, the events get even hotter!


We’re Letting New Yorkers in on the Real Estate Fun

ONCE UPON A TIME…(okay, a year and a half ago), the Hundred Stories team was having our daily staff meeting, discussing how to better serve our clients and, in full disclosure, maybe complaining a little about a client or two who decided to yell at us that day because they didn’t make the cover of the WSJ (but did get a full page story inside!).  But let’s get serious for a moment. One of the sea-change topics that came up was how the plethora of B2B conferences our clients participate in (while honorable in their own right) do little to serve their business interests, which are essentially to get their message to would-be consumers, vs. their industry peers.  Also, none of these lectures or talks were devised to appeal to an intellectual mind set (B2B conference friends: please don’t be offended); or perhaps better said: a collection of individuals—concerned citizens, consumers of knowledge, avid readers of the New York Times Real Estate section—who crave information about real estate and architecture in a live, dialogue-encouraging setting.  

We looked and looked—but to our amazement, nothing was out there. So, of course, we needed to rectify the problem IMMEDIATELY, and called our friends over at the 92Y. No one does Talks (or anything, for that matter) better than the city’s preeminent nonprofit and community center that’s brought ideas and thought-leadership to New Yorkers since 1874. (No, we don’t do the Y’s PR, we just love them.)  Fast forward to the present, and we are proud to announce that we are the exclusive partner to 92Y for real estate and architectural Talks and Conferences, all of which have been major success stories, sold out and much lauded.

 "The Catskills: Then and Now"

"The Catskills: Then and Now"

“The Catskills: Then and Now” brought the nostalgic among us to tears and laughter (see for yourself on the video here); the January 20th event, entitled “The Future of New York’s Skyline,” gave a crowd of over 800 people inside access to world’s top architects—Richard Meier, Bjarke Ingels, Annabelle Selldorf, and Rick Cook—in a discussion led by New York Times contributor C.J. Hughes. Our favorite line was when Ingels, in response to the question of whether or not super skyscrapers ruin in-the-park views, described the park as a valley framed by man-made mountains and drew comparison to the Swiss Alps; “It’s not like someone says, ‘Ugh, the Alps, they’re just a little too tall,’” he pointed out. (Want more? You can view a video of the entire event here).  

 "The Future of New York's Skyline"

"The Future of New York's Skyline"

Next up is “Behind the Bricks: A Sneak Peek at Residential Development in NY.” The talk will take place on Tuesday, March 29 at 8:15 pm., will feature Jeff Blau, Jared Kushner, and Steve Witkoff, and will be moderated by David Kaufman, real estate editor at the New York Post. The night will answer many of the questions on New Yorkers’ minds, such as: what are the trends affecting the ever-changing real estate market? What will be the next area in New York to see major development? Is the luxury market still a stronghold for investors?

 "Behind the Bricks: A Sneak Peek at Residential Development in NY" 

"Behind the Bricks: A Sneak Peek at Residential Development in NY" 

We’ve just heard the event is almost sold out, but if the topic interests you and you want to snag one of the last remaining tickets, you can get them here, and use our promo code, HUNDREDSTORIES, for a 15% discount.


Feng Shui and Real Estate: Do they go Together Like Yin and Yang?

If you place a purple potted plant in the back left corner of your home, will the money start pouring in? Will a yellow table, staged front and center, bring you improved physical, mental, and emotional health? According to the principles of Feng Shui, the answer to both of these questions is yes, and with proper placement, everything from your love life to your bank account can be vastly improved by following its guidelines.

So is there a place for Feng Shui in the world of modern real estate? Did the Yangshao people—over 6,000 years ago—know something we don’t?

Feng Shui 101

Literally translating to “wind-water,” since ancient times Feng Shui has been used to orient and plan residential structures, incorporating natural elements, energy, and a whole lot of complex metaphysical forces to basically create a badass home and a kickass life. We imagine the ancient Feng Shui Masters were like today’s HGTV stars—they were the Property Brothers of the Henan Province.

Feng Shui + Real Estate = Success?

If the principles of this life/design practice are still in existence today, thousands of years later, it stands to reason that it’s pretty legit—right? And if something as simple putting a fountain near your front door (this brings extra cash flow) and covering your drains (so that cash doesn’t drain away) will help improve your life, it makes sense that incorporating Feng Shui into real estate planning, building, designing, and selling will promise success on a grand level. It certainly can’t hurt.

Hogwash, you say? Consider this: Chinese buyers are the largest group of foreign investors in New York real estate, and Feng Sui is making a major comeback in modern Chinese life. While it never went away, today’s Chinese architects, business owners, and even government officials are increasingly using it for harmony and success. So it seems, whether you‘re a true believer or a true skeptic, it’s not a bad idea to consider finagling a little Feng into real estate development.

Harmony, Chinese Happenings, and HSPR

So...when tasked with bringing investors to 252 East Fifty Seven, a new condominium development on Manhattan’s “Billionaire’s Row,” Hundred Stories decided to host a Feng Shui party.

We partnered with our good friend Chiu-Ti Jansen—founder of China Happenings, TV personality, writer, fashion expert, Yale grad, and Chinese-style-guru-extraordinaire—who brought in Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai to examine the role of Feng Shui in the modern real estate market.

Coinciding with the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Feng Shui soiree drew in over 100 real estate investors and their advisors, who learned about the ancient practice’s impact on development, buying, selling, and overall value—all while enjoying tasty bites from Betony and marveling at the incredible beauty of 252 East Fifty Seven, whose 65 stories most definitely have great chi (that’s energy to you and me).

We can’t say for certain whether or not a desk placed cater-corner facing a door will boost your career, but we did learn that if you build it (a fabulous Feng Shui party), they (hundreds of investors) will come. 

Hundred Stories Celebrates Five Year Milestone

The Firm

In 2010, the idea of a real estate PR firm that was more than just a PR firm was put into motion from an apartment on the Upper East Side. Five years later – after a whirlwind of events, strategic partnerships, media successes and demanding clients (who we adore!) – Hundred Stories is celebrating an exciting milestone.  Over the years, we’ve been privileged enough to work alongside some of the most creative, intelligent and innovative names in real estate and have lent our expertise to some of the most exciting buildings that make up the New York City, Miami and LA skylines. 


The Party

On October 22, over 100 people gathered to celebrate Hundred Stories’ Five Year Anniversary at Beautique. Guests enjoyed the smooth Jazz trio and classic cocktails as well as a beautiful cake from beloved Harlem bakery, Make My Cake.

The Swag

In a nod to our beloved partners over the years – Hundred Stories presented all its guests with a swag bag that told a story, or 100 stories really. Generous donations included gifts from: Bergdorf Goodman, Christofle, Lalique, 92Y, Dempsey & Carroll, Escada, Fendi Casa, Tesla Motors, Wölffer Estate Vineyard, and Zoe’s Chocolates.

The Rebrand

With a new logo and website – Hundred Stories is launching into its 5th year in style.

New York Moves Magazine Hosts 10th Anniversary Power Women Awards Gala

Last week, hundreds gathered as New York City’s most accomplished women were recognized by New York Moves Magazine at its 10th Anniversary Power Women Awards at the Grand Hyatt New York. The black-tie gala honored women across various fields as leaders of their industry, as they each have made “power moves” in their fields.

The ceremony was hosted by actors Michael J. Fox, Emily Mortimer and Tom Selleck that led a room brimming with A-list celebrities, political royalty and glitterati.

Honorees included: Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi; Broadway star Kate Baldwin; philanthropist Trudie Styler; Travel Channel host Samantha Brown; award-winning author Jodi Picoult; The Nation Editor and Publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Former Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile, Anchor of HLN’s Morning Express Robin Meade; Journalist Catherine Crier; Former CEO of WWE Linda McMahon; Ret. Four-Star U.S. Army General Ann Dunwoody; First Lady of NYC Diana Taylor.

Among those honored was Hundred Stories PR’s very own Robin Dolch. We’ve always known our president and founder to be a PR powerhouse and want to share in congratulating her for this achievement and much deserved recognition.

Lifeline New York Luncheon at Le Cirque

Please join me in the support of blind children in Serbia. Lifeline New York, in conjunction with the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, will hold a benefit luncheon at Le Cirque on November 5th at 12:30 p.m. HRH Crown Princess Katherine and HRH Crown Prince Alexander look forward to seeing you there. Lifeline New York works tirelessly to improve the health and welfare of Serbians in need, and provides critical supplies to its citizens, including neonatal ultrasound machines, mobile mammography unit, radiology training of medical staff, electric hospital beds for intensive care units, devices for children with impaired hearing, and computers for orphans. These supplies benefit thousands of people – including orphans, infants, children, and people with disabilities – that desperately need the help.

Tickets for the luncheon are $175, and are available at For more information on Lifeline New York, please visit

Thank you so much and I hope to see you on the 5th.


SCENE Magazine's May Launch Party at 400 Fifth

  A fashionable yet discerning crowd gathered in 400 Fifth Avenue's Fendi Casa penthouse on a hot spring evening to preview an exhibition of recent paintings by Sandi Slone. It was a much-anticipated occasion, paired with the launch of SCENE Magazine's May issue, gorgeous views of the city, and tasty cocktails from Sant’ Arturo and Alacran.

The penthouse – a 3,590-square-foot dream home – features lush furnishings, sparkling chandeliers and accent pieces decorated with Fendi’s trademark double “F."  Slone's paintings are the perfect complement. Each of the 15 pieces in this special exhibition is infused with wonderful color, texture and emotion.

Slone's work is represented in private collections and museums across the world, including New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. But you don’t have to go that far to enjoy her pieces! Simply call 400 Fifth’s sales office at (212) 736-3500 to arrange a viewing.

Wenzhi Zhang’s Back to Renaissance

A crowd of Chinese dignitaries, art critics and art lovers recently gathered at the Asian Cultural Center to witness Wenzhi Zhang’s “Back to Renaissance,” an exhibition of the internationally acclaimed artist’s vibrant neo-classical lacquer paintings.

Her unique style foregrounds the inflexible, rigid property of lacquer by applying layer upon layer of the material, fusing colors and metal foils to create striking patterns. Zhang’s distinctive art is widely represented in public and private collections across Asia and Europe, and she has also lectured at numerous institutions and universities around the world.

It’s no wonder her work is acclaimed by high-profile art collectors such as Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Faustino Quintanilla, the executive curator of the QCC Art Gallery of New York. The crowd was very impressed with Zhang’s work – one guest said, “I can’t believe what I just saw. Her work is magnificent, and I want to bring all of my friends here to see it for themselves!”

For more information about Wenzhi Zhang and to view an online portfolio of her paintings, visit

Boy's Night Out

Wall Street executives were drawn to the residences of 75 Wall to enjoy scotch and shop for European suits during a “Gentlemen’s Evening on Wall.” With the chime of the trading day’s closing bell, Wall Street’s power players headed to the rooftop lounge of 75 Wall, the luxury condominium atop the Andaz Hotel, to attend our latest spring event: “A Gentleman’s Evening on Wall.” True to its name, the occasion rallied stiff drinks, sharp suits and, of course, the men who run the markets.

Hundred Stories brought in premium scotch Monkey Shoulder, which went down smooth as our scotch connoisseur, Freddy May, enlightened our guests on the art of whiskey selection. Carson Street Clothiers, the newest men’s luxury shop to open in SoHo, gave a special preview of its exclusive designer inventory so that the dapper crowd could privately shop for Italian suits.

The sky-high lounge – just one of the many favored amenities among the building’s residents – features two-story glass windows, ultra-contemporary finishes and a modern, room-dividing fireplace that can be enjoyed from the outdoor sundeck that skirts the building. The backdrop was right on the mark for these savvy downtowners.

Business cards moved from hand to hand as conversation shifted from work to the exquisite views and prime location. These hardworking gents, no doubt early risers, were overheard placing bets on how many steps it would take to get to the office, if only they lived at 75 Wall. But how do you price a convenience like that? (Hold the phone, boys: The Douglas Elliman sales team can handle this calculation. Prices at 75 Wall start at $1.35 million for a spacious one-bedroom, while a 1,413-square-foot penthouse is on the market for $2.75 million.)

No matter how the markets were moving – bull or bear – inside 75 Wall, all we could hear was “buy, buy, buy!”

Sandi Slone Unveils Exclusive Exhibition at 400 Fifth Ave

We are thrilled to offer a sneak peek of the new art exhibition in the Fendi Casa penthouse at 400 Fifth Avenue! World-renowned artist Sandi Slone has curated a stunning collection of her original paintings that you just have to see.

Her art infuses the space with wonderful color, texture and emotion. From the soothing soft tones of her "French Lesson" to the playful and introspectiveness of "Secret Lives," we could spend hours pondering each and every piece.

Slone’s distinct aesthetic is recognizable, but we hear her technique is equally so: she sometimes uses large push brooms and her own body as a brush to spread the paint.

According to Artforum Magazine, "Slone’s vision of the world is as fleshy and interiorized as it is atmospheric, drawing the viewer’s attention to the fragile relationship between the body and its surroundings. In this respect, her work is as political today as it was in the 1970s."

It’s no wonder Slone’s work is displayed in private collections and museums across the world – including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, among many others. In fact, to date, she has had 40 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions across the globe.

Check out her website here to explore more of her art!

Friends of Fidi At Léman Manhattan

The Hundred Stories team had the good fortune of mingling with our neighbors in the Financial District at the inaugural Friends of FiDi event earlier this week! Léman Manhattan Preparatory School and FiDi Association hosted the evening that brought together our favorite downtown businesses. Wall & Water, BAR SE7EN 5IVE, Felice, La Maison Du Chocolat and Downtown Cellars provided to-die-for treats to satisfy our cravings, while our eyes feasted on the beautiful displays from Flowers of the World and Greenwich Jewelers offered a visual feast. Felice’s crostone ricotta appetizer with tuscan bread, ricotta, spicy honey, dried figs, toasted almonds was out of this world, while the mounds of chocolate at La Maison’s table kept us coming back for more! Other participating businesses included Andaz Wall Street, W Downtown, Tumi, Professione Casa, Donald Roland, M.D., Maiden Lane Dental, Tourbillon, Downtown Magazine, and Rosabianca & Associates. The evening also featured a silent auction to benefit the Downtown Alliance’s “Going Green” program – all proceeds go towards beautifying the neighborhood by enhancing the parks. It was a true delight to see so many smiling faces of all ages fill the ballroom – we can’t wait to see everyone again soon at the upcoming spring planting! We couldn’t be more ready for some warm weather!

At the Project Runway Fashion Show with Gotham Organization

Last week, Hundred Stories braved the early morning slush and hail to catch the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Project Runway's Season 11 fashion show at Lincoln Center! Thanks to Gotham Organization, which has housed Project Runway contestants at Atlas New York nearly every season since the television show’s inception, we had prime seats just a few rows behind Heidi Klum, Marc Jacobs, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, the show’s judges. Not even Nemo—no, not Disney's Nemo but NYC's recent blizzard!—could prevent the city’s fashionistas and Project Runway fans from packing the runway tent to the gills, or from navigating the icy sidewalks in towering heels and boots. Some star fans we spotted included MTV's "Jersey Shore" star "Sammi Sweetheart" and Kristin Chenoweth, the original "Glinda the Good Witch" from the musical Wicked.

Show host Heidi Klum announced that this year’s show format deviated a bit from previous years. Usually, several eliminated designers, along with the finalists, are invited to show so as not to spoil the elimination results for viewers, with all of them able to greet the audience and introduce their collections. This year, eight designers showed collections comprised of 12 looks—completely anonymously since Season 11 is only four episodes in. It wasn’t until the end that we figured out who some of the collections belonged to, when Richard and Samantha walked out wearing hats straight from the runway!

Our favorites included a rich saffron yellow leather dress with sharp structural detailing, and romantic chiffon paired with Spanish felted black hats. David Picket, President of Gotham Organization, picked an Alfred Hitchcock-ian/vintage Hollywood line for his favorite—which featured full-skirted outerwear and received extra applause from the audience at the end.

Tune into Lifetime on Thursday nights to get a peek of the Project Runway Season 11 contestants’ vibrant Manhattan digs at the Atlas New York. As in years past, when they aren’t toiling over sewing machines at The New School for Design, contestants enjoy access to the building’s 24-hour personalized concierge service as well as to all the generous perks the Atlas lifestyle offers, including full use of the Atlas Fitness Club and Lounge with complementary daily breakfast, and the stunning panoramic views on the 48th floor Atlas Sky Terrace.

Date Night with Selling New York & Catskill Farms

What could be a better Valentine delivered on Valentine’s Day than one of our clients’ very own episode of the hit HGTV show “Selling New York”? America’s favorite real estate show featuring the most glamorous homes in Manhattan decided a little R&R (and fresh country air) was in order. Five-inch Louboutin stilettos will be replaced by LL Bean hiking books and Birkins substituted out for Buffalo plaid and puffer vests. That’s right: this Thursday, Feb. 14, the show’s cast and crew heads to Catskill Farms for a celebrity tour with Warburg Realty’s Deborah Lupard and NBC “Talk Stoop” host Cat Greenleaf (for anyone that rides in cabs in the five boroughs, you know she’s *the reason* to keep Taxi TV on). Cat, who fell in love with the Catksills as a kid, has been renting upstate for years, but is ready to own her own weekend retreat.  Discover the romance that is Catskill Farms and if you haven’t already met him, meet Charles Petersheim (but call him Chuck!), founder of Catskill Farms and of course, Sullivan County’s handsome heartthrob. Will Cat and her family get the house of their dreams and can Chuck build it? We think he can, but don’t take our word for it. Check your local channel guide to find HGTV and tune in at 6:30 p.m. – it’s a date!

A “Miracle” Debuts Thirty Four Stories Up

Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA along with Donny Deutsch and Aviva Drescher joined Manhattan’s top power brokers, socialites and other BOLD FACE NAMES at Azure last week for the much anticipated release of celebrated dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot’s second book, The Miracle Carb Diet.

The crowd was wowed by the $5.686 million dollar penthouse, replete with generous outdoor space and spectacular views. Lively debates over the best use of the apartment were overheard at the fête, which doubled as Allison Chalfin’s professional debut (she recently became the newest member of the Howard Margolis team at Douglas Elliman). While one of New York’s top plastic surgeon’s (we can’t name names) felt it was the ultimate bachelor pad, his biggest competitor thought it was perfect for his family – especially if the apartment could be combined with the one next door, giving him and his entourage the entire floor. Lucky for him, that’s possible. The Mattone Group and the DeMatteis Organization, co-developers of The Azure, designed the penthouse level for versatility and easy reconfiguration to suit any taste or lifestyle. Together, penthouse A and B offer more than 5,200 square feet of living space. The price? $13 million.

We’ll never know if it was the lively buzz of the DJ, the skinny cocktails, or the fabulous apartment that kept this debate going well-past last call, but one thing is for sure: no one wanted to go home.


75 Wall Debuts VIP Card With A Fabulous Penthouse Launch Party

What a better way to introduce a great new building amenity than a party? 75 Wall Residences Atop Andaz just debuted their new VIP Card program -- a unique partnership with FiDi retailers, restaurants and boutiques that provides discounts and exclusive deals to homeowners and residents – with a fun evening of live jazz and delicious food from Wall & Water restaurant at Andaz Wall Street. Held in a stunning four-bedroom duplex penthouse, on the market for $7.75 million, the event highlighted the amazing VIP offerings and provided a chance for residents to connect with purveyors and sample their wares (or services!).  Greenwich Jewelers set up a pop-up shop in the living room (giving us a perfect excuse to buy some gorgeous jewelry!), Fabio Doti of Fabio Doti Salon offered free hair consultations, and the Spa at Andaz Wall Street provided free massages in the master bedroom – one of their many popular in-residence services. Other merchants involved in the growing program include La Maison du Chocolat’s Wall Street boutique, Maiden Lane Dental, Downtown Cellars, Downtown Magazine, Flowers of the World, and Donald Roland, MD. Residents were delighted with the VIP Card and are already taking advantage of this new 75 Wall “Perk.”

Holiday Windows at Department Stores

One of our favorite NYC holiday traditions is the festive window displays shown in the major department stores around New York City. Among the most popular are Bergdorf Goodman, Lord and Taylor, Macy's, Bloomingdale's  Saks, and Barney's. We've selected ten of our favorite window displays to share with you! Happy Holidays from HSPR!

Annual New York Press Photographers Association Exhibit & Holiday Soiree Held at 20 Pine The Collection

20 Pine The Collection recently opened its doors to members of The New York Press Photographers Association (NYPPA) as well as other guests for their annual exhibit and holiday party. Hosted in two of the building's exquisite two-bedroom, two-bathroom residences - 3004 & 3104 -  the NYPPA exhibited this years' best press photos from photographers throughout the tri-state area that had their pictures included in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, New York Daily News and The Star-Ledger, to name a few. NYPPA members and sophisticated guests with a flair for the arts and photography mingled in the stunning 30th and 31st floor homes and viewed a gallery of photos under each of the NYPPA's categories: Best in Show, Photographer of the Year, Spot News, General News, Occupy Wall Street, Feature, Sports Action, Portrait, Pictorial, International News, Face of New York, Sports Feature, Editorial Illustration, Animal, News Picture Story, Sports Picture Story and Feature Picture Story.

An architectural gem dating to 1928, 20 Pine - originally home to the Chase Manhattan Bank headquarters - was the perfect setting for a celebration of history in the making!